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All sections work towards badges through their Scouting activities and also some activities outside of normal Scouting sessions.

The different types of badges are:

Challenge Badges - these are completed by following the Scouting programme. There are a separate set of challenge badges for each section. When a Scout achieves the full set of challenge badges and a number of activity and/or staged activity badges they are awarded the Chief Scouts Award (Bronze for Beavers, Silver for Cubs and Gold for Scouts).

Activity Badges - some of these are completed through Scouting activities, and some outside of Scouting. Each section has their own set of activity badges. If you would like to work on an activity badge outside of Scouting, please let a leader know so that the requirements and goals for the badge can be agreed.

Staged Activity Badges - These badges are shared across all sections and are carried forward with the Scout as they move through each section. They can be for activities in Scouting such as Nights Away or for activities outside of Scouting such as swimming.

Joining In Award - These celebrate the Scout's participation in a balanced programme of Scouting and are awarded around their anniversary of joining Scouting.

Occasional Badges - These badges are awarded to celebrate a special achievement, event or anniversary. They can be worn on the uniform of the duration of the occasion but must be removed once the occasion is over. Examples of occasional badges include Cubs 100th Birthday, Beavers 30th Birthday and Queens Diamond Jubilee badges.

Other Badges - Not to be confused with occasional badges these badges are awarded for things like Birthdays and Camps and should not be put on the uniform but are for camp blankets or ponchos.

The diagrams below shows the position of badges on the uniforms. If in doubt, please ask!




Swimmer Staged Activity Badges

There are 5 levels of badge for swimming. If your child attends swimming lessons and their teacher can confirm that they reach the requirements then we can award them the badge. The requirements for each stage are listed on the forms below, which also have a section for your swimming teacher to complete.

Swimming stage 1.pdf Swimmer Stage 1 Badge
Swimming stage 2.pdf
Swimming stage 3.pdf
Swimming stage 4.pdf
Swimming stage 5.pdf

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